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Welcome to the sunny North West town of Blackpool. Renowned for its tower and its nightlife. Although the Berserk tournament doesn't give a player much spare time to sample the delights of this town, if he/she turns up on the Thursday before the tournament (as I normally do), they get a chance to see the town.

Athough it's off-season when the tournament is on there is enough to see and do. On this page you'll find some of the places an ASL player may frequent when they get time during their busy competition schedule.


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The max
The 'Pepsi Max' one of Britains most
famous rollercoasters.
The first drop is not for the squeemish.
'Coasters' is a great restaurant and bar
and only five minutes from the hotel

Ripleys believe it or not
a tram
The World famous
Ripleys 'Believe it or not'
One of Blackpool's trams

yet another tram
central pier ferris wheel
Yet another tram...
Blackpool's trams run along the promenade
from the South to the North shores
The Central Pier Ferris Wheel

south pier
chinese pagodas
South Pier A pair of Chinese pagodas
which an be found all along the promenade

central pier
north pier
Blackpool's Central Pier and tower Finally the North Pier
Yes Blackpool has three piers!

Blackpool tower
looking southwards
Blackpool's World Famous Tower Looking Southwards towards the Max

harry ramsdens
worlds largest kit kat
For Fish 'n' Chips you have to go to
Harry Ramsden's—best in the North
Is this the world's biggest
'Kit Kat' bar?

skye hotel

This place needs no introduction
The Skye Hotel where the tournament
takes place

Below are some night shots I took along the promenade

max lit up
a car plummets
The Max lit up That streak is a car plummetting down

the highest spot on the max
A car at the highest spot on the rollercoaster

one of the many casinos
another casino
One of Blackpool's many casinos And yet another casino